You Can Call Me Shithead


First, some background – I am a fat lady. I am okay with being a fat lady, but like everyone, I need clothing. I am lucky in that I work from home, so I can spend my days in cheap yoga pants and t-shirts, and don’t need a lot of “work clothes”. I’m also lucky in that I sew reasonably well, and make about half of the clothing that I do need for functions outside of the house.

Occasionally, though, I need to buy an item of clothing from a store. And Toronto has a mere 17 places where a woman wearing plus sizes can do that. Ruling out the ones that are beyond my budget, or that cater to certain demographics (office wear, club wear), the number of places I have to choose from is very small. Which is why I do, occasionally, much against my will, end up at Addition Elle.

I don’t have an issue with the clothes at Addition Elle. They’re decently made, decently priced, and for the most part, are on trend. (As an old punk lady, this isn’t something that appeals to me personally, but for the majority of people, that would be a positive thing.) But I will do my damndest to avoid going into an Addition Elle store.

This wasn’t always the case, but in the past year or so, the chain has started a practice of asking a customer’s name as they are escorted to a change room. The customer’s name is then written on a small chalk board on the door of the change room, and the salespeople all make a point of addressing each customer by name… frequently.
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Lucky Dip – Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Occupy Toronto squatters get kicked out of the basement of St. Patrick Market, but vow to find another place to squat where they can distribute food to the poor. Oh goody, I’m sure the poor people are looking forward to that. [Toronto Star]

This is a new marketing strategy in the food world that I suspect will become a trend – distract them with an ingredient. As in, talk about the honey in the honey-glazed ham, as opposed to the ham and how it was raised. Just one a of a few scary tactics coming out of Sara Lee. [Mother Jones]

The world’s most influential chefs for the past 15 years. No Canadians, sorry. [Epicurious]

Follow that coffee. Traces of caffeine found in Montreal’s storm drains apparently mean that they city’s sewage system has a leak. Since only humans consume caffeine (and then piss it out), finding it in places where sewage isn’t supposed to be signifies a problem. [National Post]

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Lucky Dip – Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Maybe I’m just too old, or too cranky, but even if the tacos are made by a great chef like Scott Vivian (Beast), ain’t no way I’m standing for an hour in weather with a 49’C humidex to get one. Just not getting it. [The Grid]

Another place you might have to line up for food this weekend is the T&T Waterfront Night Market. I don’t suppose they’d consider holding one of these during a time of year when you can go outside without fear of heatstroke, huh? [Torontoist]

Dear rockstars, maybe you should just stick to making music. Because if you’re putting your name behind liqueurs “for the ladies” that look like a cross between Pepto-Bismol and body lotion, well, we’re going to laugh at you. [The Guardian]

And speaking of sad marketing practices that prey on supposed gender issues – Milk’s “Got PMS” campaign has been pulled because it was utterly stupid. [Village Voice: For in the Road]

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