Lucky Dip – Friday, June 10th, 2011

There are as many different ways to make a lobster roll as there are people to eat them. A recent contest in NYC demonstrates all the ways you can mess that shit up. Celery? Brioche? Old Bay? (Seriously, USers, y’all need to put down the Old Bay.) [Serious Eats]

And the killer is… sprouts. German authorities link the recent e.coli cases back to bean sprouts. [Toronto Star]

I rant, on a somewhat regular basis, about the fact that humans don’t need cow’s milk. But I’m udderly stumped on what to think about genetically-modified cows in China producing human milk. (Well, no, I’m no actually – brain is screaming NOOOOO!!!) [Business Insider]

Will the new upscale beer boutiques be a boon for craft brewers and the folks who love their products – or will it be more of the same old swill the big beer corporations push? [Toronto Star]

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Good Phở Fo’ Shizzle

Phở Asia 21
1208 King Street West
Dinner for two with all taxes, tip and beverage: $30

My immediate neighbourhood is not well known for its fine dining. Sure, there’s a couple of awesome Ethiopian places within walking distance, not to mention The Gladstone, The Drake, Beaver Cafe, and some interesting Tibetan restaurants if I’m willing to trek a bit. But anyone who’s ever found themselves at King & Dufferin looking for good food will know it’s a bit of a wasteland.

Once you rule out the two fast food burger joints and the two fast food sub chains, what you’re left with is a pretty awesome roti shop (Island Foods), a decent greasy spoon (The Gate) and a passable sports bar (Shoeless Joe’s). Which is why we were happy to see that a Vietnamese place had opened up around Christmas.

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