SalivAte – September 2010


Oh we ate some tasty things this month, my friends. Despite being sick for the past month, I’ve managed to drag myself out to a few places for a bite to eat (I know, the sacrifices I go to for this website), and have documented them all for you lovers of the food porn.

The above dish is not a pizza, or a tart. Rather it’s the very intriguing presentation of the duck and foie gras ravioli at Scarpetta (550 Wellington Street West). Drizzled with a marsala reduction, it was earthy, homey and sweet all at the same time. Possibly my new most favouritest thing.

Okay, maybe the ravioli is my second favourite thing because all those things people have been moaning about the polenta? They’re not lying. Make that Homer Simpson noise, you know you want to. Creamy like silk, earthy like a forest floor, I scarpetta-ed the bowl containing the truffled mushrooms with some of the amazing housemade bread.

Scarpetta’s raw wagyu beef. See, this is how you serve wagyu, not in a freakin’ hot dog.

The infamous $23 spaghetti. The designated eater for this one proclaims it to be totally worth it and she’s coming back to have it again.

Black tagliolini, with tomato and a whole lotta lobster.

Chocolate cake with burnt orange and caramel gelato. Somehow we ended up with me ordering dessert and everyone having a taste. This is never fair!

beerbistro (18 King Street East) is known for their beer bread pizzas. I am known for my love of duck. They make duck confit pizza. We get along really well.

Being fairly predictable in my favourites, it’s usually a sure bet that if there’s lobster on the menu, it will eventually appear in front of me. beerbistro’s lobster quesadilla with smoked cheddar and a gueuze-soured cream.

Gourmet hotdog of the day – this one is a bratwurst.

Rocky road ice cream sandwiches with coffee porter, homemade marshmallows ans stout brownie cookies.

While putting this together I referenced the website for The Atlantic (1597 Dundas Street West) and Greg and I sat here drooling over Chef Nathan Isberg’s menu. We should eat there more often given that we live so close by. However, the menu changes so regularly that what’s on the website now won’t be there tomorrow. Above is a salad of shaved pattypan squash, hazelnuts, cabbage and greens.

Diver scallops Indian style, with lentils and pappadum from The Atlantic.


Heirloom tomato salad with grilled halloum.

This pasta looks pretty sedate but those greens on top are actually bergamot, like the stuff they use in Early Grey tea. It was fabulous!

The gnudi is a frequent regular on Isberg’s menus. Here surrounded by a sauce of Swiss chard.

And sometimes you just need a big ol’ steak. This blue rare steak frites is from Biff’s Bistro (4 Front Street East).

Seriously… BEST clubhouse sandwich EVER!! It’s served more as a burger, but the chicken was juicy and tender, the bacon thick cut and flavourful.

And I can’t visit Biff’s without having their profiteroles – fluffy choux pastry, filled with gorgeous vanilla ice cream and Calvados caramel.